Sea troll Queen -Edit

Sea troll is great for range.Edit

Caps lock 15

Sea troll

Drops - Black Knife (12), Crimson Charm, Adamant 2h Sword, Gold Charm, Iron Chainbody, Dragon Chainbody, Ranger Boots, Amulet Of Fury, Spirit Shield

Avatar of Destruction - Edit

Avatar of Destruction is a very but very hard boss you need at lest 5 people to kill im.

100% drop- 4.585M

Drops -' All charms, 4.585M, 350M, 200gp, Chaotic Staff, Bat Staff, Dragon Staff, Chao'tic

Caps lock 16

Avatar of Destruction

Kiteshield, Wolf Staff, Cat Staff

Frost Dragons -Edit

Frost Dragons are extremily hard.

100% Drop: Frost Dragon Bones.

Drops: Ancient Staff, Ahrim's Staff 0, Gold Charm, Blood Rune (100), Death Rune (100), Blue Charm, Water Rune (100), Armadyl Hilt,saradomin sword

Caps lock 17

Frost Dragon

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